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Our Approach

We are all 'people' people

As interpretive designers, we create the possibility of nurturing positive relationships within communities. How do we do this? By engaging its people.

Story provides the emotional heart of any piece of art or interpretive design. When the story comes from the communities themselves, the designers role becomes that of the curator and the people become the story-tellers. We as designers can capture these stories and interpret them in ways that give people a sense of connectivity to place, a sense of belonging and of ownership. When this collaboration inspires people and gives them a reason to care, then we have provided the tools to make a difference. Without a sense of place, no living environment, ecosystem or community is sustainable. 

Arterial works to tried and true project breakdowns. Brief development, research, concept development, detailed design, design documentation and implementation form the backbone of most projects.  What really makes a difference is communication. We are all ‘people’ people and enjoy input from all associated with the project development. In our experience it is through these collaborations that the freshest ideas emerge.