Exhibition Design

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Energy for Life Museum

Cobb and Co Museum Queensland

Sustainability is a topic that cannot be ignored. It is changing our domestic habits, informing our architecture and directing school curriculum.

Toowoomba’s Cobb and Co Museum wanted to complement sustainability education by creating an exhibition about energy. Arterial were given a open brief to design the Energy for Life Museum. A fun, interactive learning experiences about energy and sustainability.

Internally lit elevated cubes that morph into vibrant graphics and lighting leads the visitor into the energy charged space. Topical energy themes, each with its own unique interactive are dotted throughout the exhibition giving the displays context and learning appeal. Activities cater for family groups and all ages of children. Communication is encouraged, so much so that the centrepiece of the Energy for Life Museum requires more than one participant. A stationary bicycle-powered generator that once activated display how much energy common household appliances use.