Exhibition Design

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National Carriage Exhibition

Cobb and Co Museum - Toowoomba QLD

Carriages are highly charismatic objects. These imposing, evocative reminders of life and times long gone, attract and hold the imaginations of young and old. Stories simply jump from their design and construction.

‘A Nation Built by Carriage’ exhibition explores the reliance on the Cobb and Co. to deliver supplies and news to isolated bush communities, as well as the mechanics of a carriage, and the people who worked them; those that fashioned the nails, the leather, the welding; those that tended the animals, loaded the carriages; and those that travelled inside the uncomfortable cramped conditions.

Utilising the enormous story potential of the National Carriage Collection, the revamped graphics and new public program were all strategically woven into a modern, insightful exhibition design. Interpretation now includes sounds, audio stories, hands-on interactives including riding in a carriage, role-play, costume and even evocative smells.