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Camberwell Grammer Junior Playground

- in collaboration with Taylor Cullity Lethlean

Providing our children with active play opportunities that enhance education outcomes is imperative for a well rounded future society. Arterial Design collaborated with Taylor Cullity Lethlene landscape architects to realise a fun and engaging playspace placed within an evocative landscape.

The themes of the palyground were led by the children themselves, providing the design team with a framework to work within. The result was an immersive landscape with 2 ships, stacked crate structures and water based landscaping that has transformed the playground of Camberwell Grammar Junior into a unique adventure experience.

With the first stage just completed children race to the ships, clamber up stairs quickly running across the rope bridge and commandeering the neighbouring ship. A diverse range of role play experiences are encouraged throughout the design. Interactivity between the two ships ensure the young creative minds are kept just as busy as those legs.