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Growing Wild

Children's Precinct Melbourne Zoo

One of Arterial’s strengths is the design of child interactive experiences. We create play experiences that attract young children and allow them to experience learning through play.

Through a Wild Spaces Partnership that includes Mary Jeavons landscape design and Clarke Hopkins Clarke architects, Arterial were engaged to design the interpretation experience for Melbourne Zoo’s most ambitious children’s exhibit.

Growing Wild is specifically designed for 3-8 year olds and includes fun, interactive play experiences, taking children from the familiar to the unfamiliar, encouraging dexterity, communication, problem solving and free-play. We designed with a comprehensive understanding of the developmental stages that children go through, their learning abilities, as well as access and equity requirements. Animal husbandry requirements were also addressed making the exhibit safe and secure for free-ranging children.

2013 Award
for Landscaping Outdoor Learning Area
Kidsafe 2014

Meetoo Review: Growing Wild