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Keeper Kids

Melbourne Zoo

Zoos have long been exciting places for children to visit. With this in mind Melbourne Zoo has been redefining several of its offerings to create specific early childhood attractive exhibits and interactives. Keeper Kids is the first in this offering and designed by Arterial. Excited youngsters can now explore the work of Zoo staff through play, role play and problem solving and all while using simulated equipment, toys and costumes.

As zoo keepers children prepare meals for different animals according to diet. As vets they inspect animal X-rays, check heart rates, perform operations and finally bandage and care for their animal toys. As researchers, children weigh and measure animals, and as horticulturists they cut up logs, compost and get creative by planting a garden bed.

Keeper Kids also includes live exhibits and links to a larger outdoor children’s play and animal exhibit area called Growing Wild.

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