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Burnie Water Sculpture

Burnie City Council

Tasmania’s town of Burnie is a lively coastal town with a love of art, sun and surf. This combination became the basis for a design of an interactive water-play area adjacent to the Surf Club. The idea was simple in concept – create excitement and wonder by designing larger than life marine forms – but challenging in execution. We always aim that our play spaces are places that visitors go out of their way to travel to, not just utilise on a needs be basis.

Our playful ‘sea creature’ sculptures tell a whimsical story of life in the sea surrounded by waving strands of kelp. We further brought our story to life by adding activity activated water jets – that catch children completely by surprise adding a sense of adventure and humour to their play. By night our clean, crisp, white sea-creatures continue to engage as they communicate through colourful LED light pulses whose rhythm mimics a slow dance of love.