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Lowland Gorilla Precinct

Werribee Open Range Zoo

'They’re Calling On You' is Zoos Victoria’s mobile phone recycling campaign. Money raised from donated phones helps support rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and lessens the demand for coltan mining in gorilla habitat.

We designed an interpretative trail where visitors would undertake a 'mobile phone hunt', during which they would look for oversized mobile phones strategically placed around the gorilla viewing areas. Each phone delivers messages from either the gorillas or zoo keepers relating to gorilla behaviours and conservation.

The phones are nestled among a variety of interpretive elements. These include fallen logs, a bush shelter an hammock, a truck viewing station and a raised earthen mound encouraging role-play activity from children. The space is complete with a photo opportunity phone booth where visitors can take a photo of themselves with the gorillas thus taking home the conservation message.