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Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium

Melbourne - Victoria

Arterial was engaged to create ten new zones at SEALIFE Melbourne Aquarium, including the spectacular three level crocodile display of one of Australia’s largest saltwater crocodiles Pinjarra. The Croc Lair display recreated the crocodile’s northern Australian environment with its deep pools, rocky outcrops and rainforest. Vantage points are provided from every direction - including from underwater, through a walk-through croc cave and down through the glass floor to the croc below. Other opportunities to spy on Pinjarra are from the tin lookout boat and the heads-up bubble.

Other display environments designed by Arterial are the murky swamps of the mangroves, vibrant coral caves and rockpools, where interactive screens allow up-close experiences with sea stars, sea urchins and shark eggs, and the panoramic immersive experience of the Oceanarium where the coral gardens are home to the magical marine animals and the golden mermaids that serenade them.

Bright bold and engaging scenes were developed for each of the zones, placing the visitor deeply amongst the species habitat. Arterial also presented WOW facts using engaging illustrations and multi-media effects.