Arterial uses experiential design to take people on a multi-sensory journey. We use visuals, audio, digital effects, projection and lighting to create immersive experiences that tell stories, inspire and intrigue. We have a deep level of insight into how visitors interact with spaces and content, and we know how to shape people’s experience as they move through an exhibit or showroom. The result is an exciting and transformative connection that will delight and captivate your audiences and customers.


fraser coast discovery sphere

When visitors enter the Hervey Bay Discovery Centre, they are immediately immersed in deep cobalt blue light which dances and shimmers around them. The 360-degree circular space holds a panoramic, six metre long video screen that reveals distant images of life-sized Humpback whales slowly emerging from the depths of the ocean.


Villers-bretonneux memorial

The magnificent conceptual drawings of the Villers-Bretonneux Memorial at the Australian War Memorial in France were examples of the creativity, talent and creativity of the Arterial team.


the billabong experience

A unique visual and sensory experience, the Billabong is a storytelling space that holds the ghosts of the past, echoing the illusive story of the song and its resonance in Australia’s cultural history, as well as the dramatic forces that have shaped this ancient land and the people who survived them.