Wayfinding is not just about signage. It is a form of communication that can feed into a rich visitor experience that encourages people to linger and explore. Our wayfinding design suites give users clear and insightful information to help navigate pathways and linkages as well as communicating safety concerns, traffic hazards, and issues around terrain and accessibility. They are attractive, legible and designed to complement a locality, using robust materials that will stand the test of time.


hobart city wayfinding

Arterial was commissioned to deliver a high-end wayfinding strategy for the city. This included a suite of signs and a graphic style that captured the look and feel of a very funky arts scene and tourist destination, as well as incorporating a significant heritage look and feel.



Arterial were contracted to ‘Navigate Fremantle’ and complete a city wide way finding system, signage design, fabrication and installation for the City of Fremantle. It is intended that the implementation of this effective way finding system will enhance visitors’ ability to identify and utilise both high profile and lesser known destinations, precincts and attractions, which will in turn increase opportunity for retail spend, and economic development within the Fremantle CBD.


marysville heart

Arterial were contracted to develop a new ‘heart’ to a township devastated by bush fires in 2009. The process of bringing together heritage stories and focusing on the strength of the people, the beauty of the forests and the changing face of the township, renewed hope to the still grieving community: it was the process that was as valuable as the end product.