Sea Life Aquariums

Bangkok, Thailand | Melbourne, Australia | Sydney, Australia | Busan, South Korea | Auckland, New Zealand

Merlin Entertainment’s suite of aquariums needed rebranding with an overarching visual identity for its SEA LIFE brand, that also reflected the local character of each venue. Arterial has been engaged since 2013 to work on this ongoing redevelopment of their aquariums across Australia and Asia. Designs incorporate bright, bold environmental graphics that immerse visitors in the habitat of each zone. The large-scale wall graphics reflect local species and environments—from murky mangrove swamps, to coral caves, rock pools, lush rainforests, icy Antarctic scenes and sandy beachscapes. Illustrations and diagrams offer up-close educational experiences with sea urchins, crocodiles, shark eggs and seahorses. Arterial Design also collaborated with the SEA LIFE Global Brand team to create world-first displays with major partners, such as Disney for the Finding Dory & Friends exhibit currently travelling throughout the Australian and New Zealand attractions.

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