Arterial creates extraordinary zoo and aquarium environments that give visitors a life changing connection to wildlife and their habitats. To us, animals are not just exhibits. They are part of a community that we encourage visitors to feel part of too. Working collaboratively with animal behaviorists, zoo keepers, architects, landscape architects, horticulturalists and other specialists, we have designed zoo and aquarium environments across Australia, Europe, the UK and the USA, as well as New Zealand and Asia. Our collaborations ensure that the story and the experience are integrated into the design right from the beginning of the process.


leopard ridge, melbourne zoo

Where the built environment encroaches on the natural world, habitats of animals come under threat and people are forced to live side by side with some of the worlds most dangerous predators. Arterial chose the industrial and street art palette of Melbourne's urban lane ways as the back drop to Melbourne Zoos new precinct bringing awareness to issues of conservation and habitat loss.


sea life aquariums

Bangkok, Sydney, Melbourne, Butan, Auckland

Merlin Entertainment’s suite of aquariums needed rebranding with an overarching visual identity for its SEA LIFE brand that also reflected the local character of each venue. Arterial has been engaged since 2013 to work on this ongoing redevelopment of their aquariums across Australia and Asia.


Lemur exhibit, melbourne zoo

The Rainforest Precinct offers multiple opportunities for visitors to connect and interact with the lemurs, including a woven entry feature, ambient soundscapes, leaping lemur spiny play poles, and lemur yoga benches.  It also features lemur pods with cultural stories, a lemur vocalisation interactive, and a sculptural pod treehouse with treetop viewing of the rainforest.