Waltzing Matilda Centre

Winton, QLD Australia

Arterial was commissioned to design the new Waltzing Matilda Centre exhibition space in Winton, Queensland. Destroyed by fire in 2015, the original Waltzing Matilda Centre was a cultural beacon of the Winton community, with literally thousands of artefacts and stories that showcased not only the essence of the song, but the people themselves. The new centre takes visitors on a journey of discovery, immersing them in an experience that is layered with content and perspectives from diverse sources within the community. The result is a multi-sensory experience, told through the richness of film, animation, interaction with artefacts, sounds and audio clips. The centre of the visitor experience is the Billabong, a cutting-edge innovative art installation. This multi-sensory experience is the next wave of museum interpretation, and the Arterial Design team is excited to be at the forefront of this.